Mens Ballroom Dance Shoes

Mens ballroom dance shoes are used for Ballroom dancing and is part of the typical dancewear attire. There are many different styles and brands of Mens ballroom dance shoes but usually feature a 1 inch heel, black in colour using either Patent or Leather. The perforated mens ballroom dance shoes are used by dance teachers or dancers who dance long hours during their dance training period. As of recently there are also split sole mens ballroom dance shoes which gives the added benefit of “flexing” which shows off the “articulation” used in a dance picture line.

As mentioned there are many different brands of dance shoes however the “brand” names that are widely used around the world by top dancers are: Dance Naturals Dance Shoes, Ray Rose Dance Shoes, International Dance Shoes (IDS) and Supadance Shoes.

Dance Naturals

Dance Naturals are a brand name in the DanceSport industry supplying some of the world's best dancers with dance shoes. Dance Naturals was founded in 1995 by pure chance. The sole owners and founders have been connected to the dance world for more than 40 years. Hand made in Italy Dance Naturals Dance shoes are known for their Mens and Womens Latin Dance Shoes. Their Mens and Womens Ballroom shoes are also good however the style of their Latin dance shoes are second to none. Dance Naturals are also known for the life span or longevity of their dance shoes.

Ray Rose

For over 30 years the Ray Rose Company has been committed to creating beautiful dancing shoes finished to the best possible dancewear standards. The dancing shoes in our collection always look great and the action on the foot is exactly what you’d expect from a high-performance dance shoe. Our collection of ballroom dancing shoes and latin dance shoes is in constant redevelopment, refinement and improvement. This includes seeking advice and opinions from ballroom and latin dancers themselves. Their input allows us to create the finest ballroom and latin dance shoes available. From the UK (United Kingdom) Ray Rose Dance Shoes are known for their comfort and range of shoes offered for both men and women.

Mens Ballroom Dance Shoes

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